Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Beastiary - Unicorns

Horrible malicious creatures are the unicorns, waltzing around meadows under rainbows waiting for the opportunity to pick off an unsuspecting traveler or two.  Once a unicorn has found a group of adventurers it will stalk them tirelessly picking them off one by one and if it's seen it will attempt to fry it's victims sanity before strategically redeploying often via teleportation.  Luckily for the remaining adventurers a unicorn is easily distracted by the carcass of an immortal if one tends to carry those kind of things.  When a unicorn attacks your caravan the best chance of escape is to pretend it doesn't exist (manipulation check DoS 150, can use mana and prayer pools to boost), Failing that hiding or running and screaming have found from field tests to have about to same success rate. Unicorns of this variety stand about 7 feet tall at the shoulder and 20 feet to the end of its stinger and weight in at about a ton.  If one could happen to obtain the horn of a unicorn they would have obtained a powerful magical weapon, however many heroes have had their quest cut short attempting to obtain such a thing, due to not noticing the second unicorn behind them.  As a final note beware pots of gold as unicorns can fly and are attracted to gold and other various items of shiny values.
Venomous Stinging Rainbow Horned Unicorn 25/25/20/0

Str 50 Chr 90 Per 50

Dex 50 Man 60 Int 30

Stm 70 App -25 Wis 30 Fl Dex 50

# of Attacks: 3 (bite)(horn)(sting)

Race: Unicorn (Sentient)

Size: Big

Wounds: 700

Warrior Source: Hunter.
Prey: Celestials, Dragons, Infernals, Mystifs, Forsaken.

Mage Source: Sekite.

Disciplines: Pestilence (Specialist).

Mana: 250
Priest Scource: End Times
Disiplines: Flame, Combat, Dominance.
Prayer: 250
Madness Rating: 100
Knowledges: Detection 10, Disguise 10, Stealth 40, Tracking 20, Angel & Daemon lore 30, Cadramancy 50. Weapon Uses: Unarmed(horn)(bite)(tail sting) 30, Rainbow Lasers Vomit 30.

Other Powers: Soul Thief, Appitite Magic, Hard to Kill, Appitite Faith, Feed Pestilence, Gaze of Petrification, Teleport, Discord, Wraith Sight, Telekinetic Flight, Dementation, Immune to Pansies.

Weapons: Rainbow  Laser Vomit(80 to hit, 2d10x10 madness war d10x10 wisdom and prayer damage, 50 dodge 50 fl dodge), Bite (80 to hit), Sting (80 to hit) str 70 Venom Glands Vs Stm and Per, Horn (80 to hit) double damage against hunter prey and inflicts final death. .

Location: Caves, Forests, Swamps, Fields, Behind doors, Hopeless mazes, Dreamscape, Fields of Pansies.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photon Bats

Beastiary - Photon Bats

Photon bats are notorious for showing up at any inconvenient time possible and firing their photon eye beam to vaporize their unfortunate victims.  Photon bats are usually found in large groups in caves, subterranean tunnels, and dark forests.  The energy particles given off by the photon bat cause it to faintly glow in the dark giving you a slight advantage of knowing where the beast lurks, however not being vaporized by a photon bat is heavily helped by knowledge, for one don't go into dark caves, but in the occurrence of a photon bat attack; running and screaming could help as it could potentially disrupt its sonar.  Unconventional methods of dealing with photon bats can occasionally work, like deflecting the laser particle beam with a mirror or somehow preventing it from flying.
A photon bats max size is usually around 6'5" and 180 lbs, however a dire photon bat could grow to roughly 14' and 700 lbs.
Colouration in the photon bat population is wildy indiscriminate having photon bats in dark earthy shades to bright neons, the neon photon bats tend to be far more aggressive.

Photon Bat 10/10/0/0
Str 15 Chr 4 Per 30
Dex 7 Man 15 Int 18
Stm 15 App 8 Wis 12 Fl Dex 35
# of Attacks: 1
Race: Photon Bat (Sentient)
Size: Normal
Wounds: 100
Warrior Source: Cannibal.
Mage Source: Sekite.
Disciplines: War, Death.
Mana: 100
Knowledges: Detection 5, Weapon Uses: Photon Eye 10
Other Powers: Soul Thief, Deathspasm 3, Hard to Kill, Feed Death, Feed War, Wraithsight, Discord, Sonar.
Weapons: Photon Eye Laser (43 to hit, 2d10+10*, 7 dodge 35 fl dodge), Bite (7 to hit).
Location: Caves, Forests, Swamps.

Dire Photon Bat 20/15/0/0
Str 20 Chr 3 Per 33
Dex 6 Man 18 Int 21
Stm 25 App 10 Wis 13 Fl Dex 42
# of Attacks: 1
Race: Photon Bat (Sentient)
Size: Large
Wounds: 250
Warrior Source: Cannibal.
Mage Source: Sekite.
Disiplines: War, Death.
Mana: 200
Knowledges: Detection 8, .
Weapon Uses: Photon Eye 20
Other Powers: Soul Thief, Deathspasm 5, Hard to Kill, Feed Death, Feed War, Wraithsight, Discord, Sonar.
Weapons: Photon Eye Laser (86 to hit, 2d10x10+20* blast, 6 dodge 42 fl dodge), Bite (6 to hit).
Location: Caves, Forests, Swamps.